12 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working for Your Law Firm

12 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working for Your Law Firm

Social media has become one of the most crucial ways for any business to generate leads, build brand awareness, and grow as industry leaders. But there is a wrong way and a right way to go about it. 


Why isn’t your social media marketing strategy for your law firm making any progress? 


Here are 12 reasons:

  • You Don’t Know Your Target Audience


The number one issue most law firms get wrong in their social media marketing is a lack of understanding of their audience. If you’re constantly pushing out content that doesn’t resonate with your ideal audience, followers won’t convert into paying clients.


Start with basic demographics for your market segmentation such as age, gender, income, education level, and family size. From there, you can start learning more about which channels they are on and what types of content to create for them.

  • You’re On Too Many Social Channels


There are dozens of social channels out there to choose from. That doesn’t mean your audience is on every single one of them. You have to figure out where your ideal client is already spending their time online.


Give quality time and energy towards platforms that will help build awareness for your firm, put you ahead as an industry leader, and where you can effectively build your clientele.

  • You Over-Promote Your Firm


Nothing screams “spam” quite like over-promotion. If all you share on social media are posts about the services you provide at your firm, you aren’t giving your followers a reason to come back to you. Social media is about what you can offer your clients, not what they can offer you.

  • You Don’t Offer Educational Tips


You already have a wealth of insight and information. Now it’s time to start sharing it. A crucial element in building trust is by building your community. To grow your law firm, you have to start by setting yourself apart as an industry leader.


A great way to do this is by offering educational tips. Think about the questions your clients frequently ask. Use social media as a way to provide short video tips or posts on LinkedIn that provide those answers.

  • Your Content Isn’t Entertaining


Since the creation of TikTok, other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram had to step up their video strategy. They saw how short, condensed content shared through video format was one of the most effective ways to keep users on their apps.


Your content needs to be visually entertaining. This is where you have to get creative and innovative in the ways you consider sharing your law firm marketing content.

  • You Use Too Much Legal Jargon


Your clients come to you because they’re not legally trained to represent themselves. This also means they have minimal understanding of legal terminology. When speaking to your audience, use language that will resonate with them rather than confuse them.


The more jargon you use, the more intimidated they’ll be. Consider using these moments as educational opportunities for posts instead.

  • You Aren’t Engaging With Clients


How are you engaging with your potential clients on social media? Effective social media marketing strategies, regardless of the industry, are being a part of a dialogue. Social media should not be a one-sided conversation.


Ask questions, take polls, and engage with social media pages outside of your own. The conversation is already happening out there. You need to actively be a part of it.

  • You Don’t Utilize a Call-to-Action


Go through your current social media content and look for posts where you offer a call-to-action (CTA). A common social media mistake lawyers tend to make is not giving their followers something to do.


Prompt them to join your email list. Ask them to leave a comment. Ask them to share your post to help educate others. Most importantly, avoid asking them to contact your office. It won’t make your phone start ringing off the hook – it’ll only annoy your followers.

  • You Only Post Stock Photos


As we mentioned before, building trust is a key element to building your authority online. A consumer has a much easier time learning to trust someone when they know the face behind the profile. Stock photos have their place, but shouldn’t be used on social media.


Utilize real images of your office and the people within your firm. Let them get to know the real people behind the desk.

  • You’re Not Consistent


People love consistency in every aspect of their lives. It brings a level of dependability and trust because they know what to expect. However, when it comes to consistency on social media, it means more than posting the same amount each week. It also means having a consistent message that ties in with your website and who you are as a person behind the screen.

  • You Respond Negatively to Feedback


There will always be people who want to leave bad reviews on your firm, your services, and the work you do. It’s how we choose to respond to the negative feedback that makes all the difference. Be professional and utilize it as a learning opportunity to make changes.


It doesn’t necessarily mean the customer is always right, but leaving a genuine response of empathy to a bad review shows you’re the bigger person who is ready and willing to help.

  • You Don’t Have a Clear Understanding of Social Media


As a lawyer, you’re not expected to know how to use social media. Your knowledge is the law, and we certainly need people like you. This is why Law Pro Nation exists. We’re here to help improve your law firm’s marketing strategy and start converting your followers and leads into paying clients.


We’ve helped hundreds of law firms make the shift. If you’re ready to stop wasting time on social media and start making money for your law firm, get in touch with Law Pro Nation to see if you qualify.