Get Your Firm Flooded With Red-Hot Case Requests

Our Case Attraction System™ takes your firm’s success to new levels. Using our system we’re able to generate red-hot case requests that turn into actual cases and revenue for your firm.


Join Hundreds of Top Law Firms who have Massively Grown with Law Pro Nation's Personal Injury Marketing.

Tired of being burned by “mom’s basement marketers” that overpromise and underdeliver?

It’s the same story over and over again.

You hire a marketing agency that promises you leads and then things don’t go according to plan.

What they left out of the sales call was the fact that they just finished a $997 course on Facebook ads two months ago, they know nothing about direct-response marketing or State Bar compliance, and (lucky you!) you get to be in their first handful of clients.

When all is said and done, you’re left bleeding marketing dollars with sucky leads that are either past the statute of limitations or (even worse) at fault!

Enough is enough.

You’re an attorney with a record of wins. 

Attracting the right clients really shouldn’t be this hard. 

And it’s not….for experienced marketers who know what they’re doing.

We’re Law Pro Nation, and we have proven results from real-life personal injury lawyers who will tell you themselves that our marketing services are best in class.


Here's Why

Law Pro Nation is a different type of Personal Injury Marketing Agency.

Using the Law Pro Nation Case Attraction System™ clients see results FAST because we focus on what you actually need:

Our unique system works so well, we back our results with a powerful guarantee.

(Get case opportunities or we work for FREE)

Unlike OTHER marketers and lead generation services, 

We’ll provide you with UNIQUE case opportunities.

Recycling leads is so 2008, beyond lazy, and quite frankly, unnecessary.

With the Law Pro Nation Case Attraction System™, we install a high-quality, bar none, custom lead generation system that connects you with YOUR best prospect matches on autopilot.

And, we are so obsessed with creating ROI-driven marketing campaigns for our clients that we even partnered with a production company responsible for some of the biggest viral ads in modern-day internet history. 

That means when you partner with us you get the 6 and 7 figure produced ads to represent your firm (…but without the million-dollar price tag).

That also means we can send you qualified people who are most likely to hire you on the spot without you having to lift a finger.

Who is Law Pro Nation the Perfect Fit for?

We work with experienced lawyers who need to spend their time winning cases, not worrying about where their next case is going to come from.

You don’t have time to waste time with second-rate marketers or wait for that next word-of-mouth referral to come in. 

You need the Law Pro Nation Case Attraction System™ working in your firm to actively send you high-quality leads that you can count on.

If you have support staff, can answer a phone or an email, you can reap the riches from our system.


The Law Pro Nation Case Attraction System™ has been put to the test over and over again

And the results are in!

It’s time to upgrade your Case Attraction System™ to something that actually works consistently

Create your own case-guaranteed marketing machine to generate high-quality leads for your law firm on autopilot.

How our Personal Injury Marketing works.

The Law Pro Nation Case Attraction System™ will:

Boost Your Marketing With Our Proven Ad Strategy

Your law firm has priorities — figuring out the minutiae of how to create a high-converting marketing machine shouldn’t be one of them.

We will give you exclusive access to our proven CASE ATTRACTION SYSTEM that consistently drives high-quality results.

Use Advanced Behavioral Data & Targeting Strategies To Attract The RIGHT Cases

Never waste time with an unqualified lead ever again.

We will pinpoint your target audience and persuade them in a way that’s both on-brand and effective to attract qualified, high-quality cases on demand.

Increase The Number Of Cases You Sign Through Powerful, Proven Follow Up & Retargeting Methods

Feeling a little ghosted by a prospect who was a perfect fit?

If a potential client goes radio silent, we know just what to do to get their attention back on you. This process alone can significantly increase your revenue.

Let Everyone Know Your Name

Put your law firm on the map for good.

With our celebrity status ad strategy, you’ll be a local legal icon with the lead generation to match. Our system builds trust and authority for your firm all day, every day.

Never Be In The Marketing Game Alone Again

It’s tough out there. The noise is loud and the market is crowded.

But NONE of that matters when you have a solid marketing engine running in your business.

With the Law Pro Nation Case Attraction System™, you become the standout attorney that clients are begging to work with.

Using this system, you’re more likely to be turning business away than biting your nails wondering where your next case is going to come from.

Inner Glow
Inner Glow
Award Wining

A note from our Founder.

Hey, I’m Ben —
Founder of Law Pro Nation.

I’m an award-winning sales and marketing strategist with multiple 7-figure businesses under my belt.

My business-boosting programs have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Foundr, CNBC, MarketWatch, Scotsman Guide, Future Sharks, YFS Magazine, and many more…

But before I was helping lawyers just like you gain more traction, leads, and cases…

I was just another entrepreneur with a rigid work ethic.

I spent hundreds of thousands with fancy marketing agencies who promised me the moon but never actually delivered high-quality leads.

And when they didn’t provide the results I needed, I’d move onto SEO agencies, website specialists — anyone and everyone who promised they could deliver real leads.

But nothing worked.

Thanks to the “mom’s basement marketers” I hired, I was in the hole with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on marketing and nothing to show for it.

That’s when I said enough is enough.

I followed my gut, and I put in the work to generate my own leads.

I paid careful attention to the proven tactics that worked.

It took time, but eventually, I not only grew my business but became a go-to marketing and sales consultant for large corporations like Bayer…

I stumbled upon the secret marketing formula all lawyers struggle to learn and most marketers don’t even know exists.

Now I want to take that formula and apply it to your business so that you can experience the same results.

I want your firm to generate more cases than you ever thought possible.

Because the truth is, anything less is a disservice to your dream.

Your Partner In Growth,

Ben Buckwalter
Founder of Law Pro Nation

Frequently Asked Questions:

You don’t have to be a “tech person” to generate signed cases and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We set everything up for you in order to successfully generate case requests, so you can focus on doing what you’re good at—winning cases.

We only use the strategies that are proven to work consistently. Reliable systems and strategies with guaranteed case opportunities for your law office. Also, we have the world’s boldest guarantee… If we fail to generate opportunities for your firm, we’ll continue to work completely for free (yes, we’re THAT confident that this will work for you!).

Click here to book a free discovery call. You’ll be directed to our online calendar, and given an email confirmation — it’s as easy as that. After you work with Law Pro Nation, you’ll be armed with all of the marketing strategies necessary to supercharge your law firm’s growth. We guarantee it.