Marketing Mistakes that are Killing Your Personal Injury Lead-Generating Strategies

These 7 Marketing Mishaps are Killing Your Ability to Generate Personal Injury Leads

Are you struggling to generate clients for your personal injury law firm? Do your leads fall flat and rarely turn into clients?

If you’re not getting amazing results from your lead-generating efforts, you’re probably making one or more of the following mistakes.

Failing to establish a professional and informative online presence through a well-designed website and active social media profiles.

Neglecting to optimize your online content for search engines can result in poor visibility in search results.

Producing low-quality or irrelevant content that doesn’t address potential clients’ questions and concerns.

Not defining and targeting the specific demographics and client personas most likely to require personal injury legal services.

  1. Working with an inexperienced marketer

Working with an inexperienced marketer is sure to make any lead generation strategy fail. Unfortunately, inexperienced marketers are everywhere, and they have no problem taking your money.

On the surface, marketing has morphed into a do-it-yourself (DIY) industry. For a few hundred bucks, anyone can take a weekend course on marketing and get a certificate. However, true marketing can’t be learned over the weekend.

DIY marketing is like the MLM of the internet. It can work, but rarely does, and in your pursuit for legitimacy, you’re likely to get scammed along the way.

When you work with an inexperienced marketer, they’re experimenting with your money. While they might get you a few leads here and there, you won’t get any real results until you hire a professional marketing company.

  1. Not qualifying and disqualifying leads

If your leads rarely become clients, it could be the result of an overly-simple intake form on your website. The forms you use to collect contact information should both qualify and disqualify each lead.

A form that qualifies and disqualifies each lead will save you from wasting your time chasing bad leads. Leads want to be disqualified fast because they don’t want to waste their time if they don’t have a case.

Here’s an example of how this might work for your firm.

Say you specialize in car accident lawsuits in Florida. You can use your web form to get qualified leads and disqualify leads at the same time. For instance, you might ask the following questions:

  • Were you injured within the last four years? Yes/No
  • Have you already received court-awarded damages for this incident? Yes/No
  • Are your medical bills $10,000 or more? Yes/No/Not Sure
  • Are your injuries permanent or severe? (severe scarring or disfigurement, permanent loss of bodily function) Yes/No

Asking these simple questions will help you filter out unqualified leads. For instance, if someone has already received court-awarded damages for their injuries, they can’t file another lawsuit. You can filter out leads that answer “yes” to this question.

Another trick is filtering out leads that don’t qualify based on more complex factors. For instance, Florida requires injured parties to recover medical expenses up to $10,000 from their PIP policy and don’t allow lawsuits unless medical bills exceed $10,000 or injuries are permanent or severe.

You can automatically filter out leads that don’t have $10,000 in medical bills and don’t have permanent or severe injuries. This alone will filter out plenty of unqualified leads that you never have to pursue.

This is just one example; however, it’s easy to see how you can apply this strategy  to your firm’s practice areas.

  1. Running your own paid ads

Running your own pay-per-click (PPC) ads is a bad idea. PPC ads are not intuitive and running basic ads with your logo won’t get you qualified leads.

Most people make the same mistakes with PPC ads, like bidding too low and using too many keywords. Unfortunately, simple mistakes can cost you thousands of wasted marketing dollars.

You can’t outbid major law firms with 8-figure budgets, so you need a professional strategy to get paid ads that deliver results.

  1. Focusing heavily on social media engagement

You may have heard that social media engagement is huge. Engagement can be a useful metric, but not necessarily for attorneys. For instance, having 50 people liking and sharing your Facebook posts every day isn’t an effective way to generate leads. You might get a few leads here and there, but it shouldn’t be a primary focus.

Most people aren’t interested in legal matters unless they need a lawyer. For this reason, posting every day to social media just to get likes and comments isn’t going to get you hot leads.

It doesn’t hurt to post great content to social media. Some people will find your content when performing a search, and you can absolutely generate clients this way. However, to generate leads from social media, you need a strategy developed and executed by a professional marketing agency.

Personal Injury Marketing Mistakes
  1. Not sending follow-up emails

When someone fills out your contact form, it’s important to reply right away. If you don’t reply quickly and stay on their radar for at least a month, good leads will slip right out of your fingers.

It’s normal for people to wait long periods of time before pursuing a lawsuit. Some injured people need months or even years to think before they finally contact a personal injury attorney.

If you’re currently sending emails manually, start using an automated email sequence. With an automated email sequence, you can create a series of emails that gently influence your leads to call you for a consultation.

  1. Not providing client-oriented value in emails

Your leads need help, even if they’re not ready for a consultation. When you send emails to your leads, those emails should be full of helpful and useful information.

Instead of telling your leads about your law firm and then asking them to call you, send them something they can use related to their injury. For example, send them a link to a simple checklist that tells your leads everything they need to know to prepare for a personal injury lawsuit.

You can also include information like past settlement amounts you’ve won for clients. This information will get some people to call you faster.

Providing a checklist tells leads that you are an expert and know what you’re talking about. You can also create your checklist in a way that makes it clear they need a personal injury lawyer.

  1. Using legal jargon in your communications

Your leads probably won’t understand legal jargon. If you’re attempting to do your own marketing, you might not realize when you’re using jargon. This is just one of many reasons to hire a professional marketing firm that specializes in generating leads for attorneys.

When you work with a marketing firm, all communications will be professional and easily understood.

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  • Ready to file a personal injury claim now
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  • Are within the statute of limitations for their claim

At Law Pro Nation, we’ll help you generate leads that turn into personal injury cases and revenue for your law firm. To see how we can help, book your free strategy call right now.


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