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We can partner with only a very limited number of firms per market area, so schedule a free call before another lawyer in your area does.

“I exceeded my firm’s normal annual revenue in the first quarter alone working with Law Pro Nation!”

— Michael Madden, Esq.

How Our System Works

The Law Pro Nation Case Attraction System™ is a combination of modern social media platforms, our veteran understanding of the behavioral patterns of the target market, and the customization that your firm needs to stand out among the fray. We give you a completely customized, automated case attraction system.

We target fresh, not-at-fault cases already on the lookout for a firm like yours. We run laser-targeted video ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to make sure that your ads meet your perfect target clients, wherever they go on the internet.

“What started as a small projects has evolved into 100’s of leads a month… and ever more importantly, we’re able to convert a large amount of these leads into signed cases.”

— Mitchell Fielding, Esq.

Why Now is the Best Time to Book a Call

We don’t believe in recycling leads. It’s an outdated, lazy tactic that’s only used by marketers who don’t actually know how to generate high-quality prospects. Our leads are exclusive to our clients. We partner with only one law firm per zip code. If you’re seeing this, that means we haven’t partnered with a law firm in your area yet. However, we can’t guarantee for how long that space will be open. If you want help with high-quality case generation, don’t miss out on the opportunity to partner with us. Book a slot before someone else from your area does.

“We have been absolutely thrilled with the results Law Pro Nation has been able to get for us. We are getting a consistent flow of new quality cases. I would strongly recommend Ben and Law Pro Nation.”

— Richard Hastings, Esq.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We build lawyers a premium, customized marketing engine that generates exclusive leads so they can close cases on autopilot. We do the heavy lifting and all of the marketing strategy so you can do what you wanted to do in the first place: win cases for people who need your help and make more money in the process.

We provide you with a completely customized, automated case attraction system using high-value targeted ads. This multi-pronged approach will give you everything you need to generate exclusive case leads on auto-pilot.

The most important thing is you need to be good at what you do. If you can’t win cases, all of the qualified leads in the world won’t help you. But if you’re who I think you are, and you know how to win—that’s the most important thing.

Beyond that, we’re a premium, top-of-the-line, bar none solution for experienced law firms, and we get incredible results. It’s important that you have, are ready, and willing to spend the money it takes to generate the high-quality leads you’re seeking.

While we make sure your marketing dollars are spent consciously, we refuse to take cheap shortcuts that will only leave you frustrated with ill-suited leads wasting time on your calendar.

Instead, our system takes every dollar you put in and turns it into an investment that grows your firm by attracting the best leads who are ready and eager to sign on with you.

We offer a powerful guarantee because we produce even more powerful results.

“We’re had a terrific experience with Law Pro Nation. In the first few months, we already signed 50 extra cases with a ton more in the pipeline. These guys are the real deal.”

— Anthony Lopresti, Esq.

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