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Our Law Pro Nation Case Attraction System™ is a proven strategy that has helped hundreds of lawyers and firms grow! Check out the results of our partnerships with these lawyers below:

Mitchell Fielding

“What started as a small project has evolved into 100’s of leads a month… and even more importantly, we’re able to convert a large amount of these leads into signed cases.”

— Mitchell Fielding, Esq.

Michael Madden

“I exceeded by firm’s normal annual revenue in the first quarter alone working with Law Pro Nation!”

— Michael Madden, Esq.

Joshua Zokaeem

“My experience with Law Pro Nation has been nothing short of amazing. We sign about 20% – 30% of our cases through them. I’ve worked with many lead generation companies and none of them have worked like Law Pro Nation.”

— Joshua Zokaeem, Esq.

Richard Hastings

“We have been absolutely thrilled with the results Law Pro Nation has been able to get for us. We are getting a consistent flow of new quality cases. I would strongly recommend Ben and Law Pro Nation.”

— Richard Hastings, Esq.

Michael Flanagan

“I signed 8 good cases in my first 6 weeks! I’m reaching clients all across the state that I would have never been able to reach without Law Pro Nation.”

— Michael Flanagan, Esq.

Josué Jean Baptiste

“I am very happy. I have signed up 25 cases in a couple of months including some very big ones.”

— Josué Jean Baptiste, Esq.

Thomas Straub

“My experience with other marketing companies was not good. I highly recommend Ben and his team at Law Pro Nation.”

— Thomas Straub, Esq.

John Morrison

“They are efficient, responsive, and they can generate cases. I’ve gotten some great cases out of it.”

— John Morrison, Esq.

Anthony Lopresti

“We’ve had a terrific experience with Law Pro Nation. In the first few months, we already signed 50 extra cases with a ton more in the pipeline. These guys are the real deal.”

— Anthony Lopresti, Esq.

Michael Samual

“They’ve been hitting it out of the park for us! We signed up five very good personal injury cases in the first 30 days.”

— Michael Samual, Esq.

Gib Irons

“I signed 10 cases in the first 4 weeks!”

— Gib Irons, Esq.

Hector Piedra

“In the first 8 weeks, we secured 12 signed cases and we have at least 5 or 6 more in the pipeline. I truly recommend this service to any personal injury attorney that wants to grow their practice.”

— Hector Piedra, Esq.

Anthony Herro

“We’re very happy and look forward to building a long-term relationship with Law Pro Nation. We definitely recommend this to everybody.”

— Anthony Herro, Esq.

Bruce Robinson

“We’ve been working with Law Pro Nation and in the first 14 days signed 6 cases with 6 more in the pipeline. The results are remarkable.”

— Bruce Robinson, Esq.

Paul Littleton

“In 4-5 weeks we signed up between 12 -15 cases in a very crowded market. I highly recommend Law Pro Nation.”

— Paul Littleton, COO

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